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High Technology Dentistry In Hillsborough, Belle Mead, NJ And Montgomery Township

Front Desk Technology — family dentistry in Hillsborough NJ
Front Desk Technology - All scheduling, charts, billing, X-Rays are electronic, speeding your way through check-in and check-out at our front desk.
IntraOral Camera — family dentistry in Hillsborough NJ
IntraOral Camera - Your dental care provider can view live, high-resolution images of your teeth to aid in the evaluation of treatment options, and she can share those images with you, real-time, if you so desire to give you a precise understanding of what's going on.
Panoramic X-ray — family dentistry in Hillsborough NJ
Panoramic X-Ray - takes an X-Ray of all teeth and jaw structure for subsequent comprehensive medical evaluation by your Dentist.
Staff Conference Room — family dentistry in Hillsborough NJ
High-Tech Staff Conference Room - Doctors and assistants regularly invite industry experts and providers of the latest, most advanced equipment into the conference room for training and continuing education.
In-House Denture Repair — family dentistry in Hillsborough NJ
In-House Denture Repair - our expert craftsmen create your custom dentures in-house, saving time and cost and ensuring you the highest level of quality.
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